Monday, September 26, 2005

Sisters Mine

September has been a month of special birthdays. Both my sisters, firm Virgos, celebrated theirs. I miss the boisterous birthdays of our childhood. The ones filled with singing, home-made cakes and noisy games. Now, each one is flung in distant cities, chasing different destinies. But the strong bond that holds us together walks along with us on every adventure. It is one that spans the lightness of girlhood and the inevitable reality of womanhood. Tinged with syrupy childhood scrapes and grown up guffaws. Holding us together during the darkest hours. Always.

The lifetime of memories.

Toothless grins. New dresses and shining eyes. Homework and pink pencils. Ponytails, ribbons and clips. Sports Day and Speech Day. Girl Guides and rope knotting. Measles. Sharing stories. Pimply teenagers. Movies, music and books. Cute boys and horrible ones. Madcap college girls. Sharing/stealing clothes, earrings and make-up. Discos, lectures and exams. Falling in love and out. Work, bosses and weekend getaways. Weddings, tears and happiness

… K & G, here’s to cherished dreams coming true this birthday and every one that follows. How I look to up you and admire you both. Each a great woman: beautiful, intelligent, warm, compassionate and full of life. I am so glad we are sisters, best friends and soul-mates.


At 9/26/2005 11:53:00 am, Blogger Kak Teh said...

aaaahhh! its beautiful to read this because i am also blessed with such wonderful siblings. When we meet, and it wont be long before we meet again, we are like children again! Just when we are about to be toothless again, eh! hehehe!
Happy birthdays to your sisters and your posting made me miss my siblings a lot! One is holidaying in China at this very moment!

At 9/26/2005 12:41:00 pm, Blogger Ms.B said...

If there is a downside to coming from a small family, it is this. My only sibling is 9 years my junior, and although we love and care for each other dearly, we come from different generations with different interests. *Although I do believe that I am the one who behaves like a spoilt brat when we're together*

Very happy birthdays to the sisters of Sunshine, whom I suspect are no less charming and warm than their darling sister!

At 9/28/2005 09:28:00 am, Blogger Jane Sunshine said...

Yes dear girls, there's something about the bond of sisters/family that always holds us together, wherever life may take us.

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