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Update: I deleted this post after a few weeks because I thought that it revealed too much about the real Jane Sunshine. In fact, 2 persons actually outed the real-life Jane Sunshine from the blog id. They were former students! I became very apprehensive about the whole thing. I am however putting it up again. It is MY blog at the end of the day. The blog cannot sum my whole personality. It will always bear pieces of Sunshine, but never everything. So here it is again.


I was memed a few days ago by dear Kak Teh . Was oh so, so busy and finally got down to it. This was real fun.

20 years ago (1985, age 9)

-I was gangly and one of the tallest girls in class.
-Had to sit right at the back in class due to height.
-Still, I wasn't good at any of the high jump/long jump events.
-Was a nerd.
-Was class monitor, prefect and was proud to be the No.1 student in class.
-Read the abdridged version of Thomas Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge, a book I love to this date.

10 years ago (1995, age 19)

-I was accepted for a course of my choice at a uni of my choice.
-Started wearing make-up.
-This will be the last of my slim years.
-Got involved in a shallow relationship. Thank god it was brief.
-Carried everywhere J.D.Salinger's Franny and Zooey, the book of my youth and growing up angst (Still carry it today).
-Read loads of angry feminist stuff which I have now forgotten.

5 years ago (2000, age 24)

-First job, first car, first credit card.
-Soon realized that I hated first job right down to my bones.
-Life was work. Nothing else really.
-Started putting on weight.
-Didn't read for pleasure anymore. Read and drafted legal documents.
-Considered doing Masters degree.
-Receieved marriage proposal(s). Shocked. Turned them all down for various reasons.

3 years ago (2002, age 26)

-Went back to uni to do Masters and teach.
-Dropped from being highest paid amongst motley class of 2000 to lowest paid.
-But surprisingly enjoyed teaching very, very much.
-And loved long, solitary days of research. No boss hollering nearby, no office politics.
-Just me and my lovely, Kung-fu loving supervisor.
-My supervisor turned out to be one of the most gentle and kind persons in the world.
-M, my friend from yore, was becoming more and more important in life. He made me laugh. For the first time, I felt light.

Last year (2004, age 28)

-We got married the year before and had been doing the long distance thing. Me in KL, M in UK. It was supposed to be for a few months but dragged on to a whole year.
-Was 70% through the Masters and was not willing to quit at that time. But the long distance thingy was trying.
-I had been accepted at a few unis in the UK for the PhD. Besides, I got funding (yeay). The option of converting Masters to PhD however came to naught.
- So, everything worked out well, though was apprehensive of starting a whole new research project again after the massive Masters.
-Was real proud of my distinction.

This year (2005, 29).

-PhD is slow and agonizing. The thing seems to have an obdurate life of its own.
-Somedays its good, somedays its not.
-PhD supervisor turns out to be a darling. Would criticize my work to no end. But always checked if I was okay, bought me lunch and gave words of encouragement in a restrained Irishy way.
-Have a zany bunch of friends, who form PhD support group.
-Had a long break over summer for Sis No.2's wedding. Cried at wedding. Happy that she is happy but sad that we will be all so far apart. Sis No.2 moves to sunny California.
-Start this blog to fill both sis No.2 and No.3 with some of my stories.
-Meet some very interesting people in blogosphere.
-M and I will be moving to the house we purchased soon. Will fill it with lots of love if we run out of money to fill it with furniture.

Next Year (2006, 30)

-Landmark birthday. 30.
-Middle stage of PhD. Hope to cover as much ground as possible.
-Maybe fill house with some pitter-patter.
-Found a dear friend who will join me at Creative Writing class which we are going to do over spring.
-Travel a bit more.
-Lose that kilos.

Ten Years From Now (2010, 39)

-Teaching in a nice uni (but, hey, I am already doing that).
-Win Booker prize and write hit TV series ( I might as well dream big)
-Give advise on how we can improve human rights standards.
-Be super svelte (this one is beyond dream, it is fantasy).


At 9/29/2005 08:40:00 am, Blogger Jane Sunshine said...

I also reconstructed the comments:

Lydia: Hi Jane, The best way to lose weight is to have a child. He'll keep you on your toes. All the best in your Phd.

Kak Teh: jane, aiyo, you sound just like our prefect - the one we made fun off behind her back! I would love to do a meme going way way back , like 40 years ago - but u all cant hjoin in lah - too young! as you can see I didnt add age like all of you...i do that and people know i am ancient!
another aiyo - next year only 30???
and dont forget house warming, I'll bring my famous (even if i say so myself) sardine rolls!
yes - we'll hold hands and copy each other during Creative writing class!

Blabs: Oh good grief!! I have not been visiting blogs in a while and then what happens?? I get tagged!!! Wuaaaaah!!!

Ok, ok, must get this done before the weekend's up!! :p

P.s. I've started to d.i.e all over again the minute I touched down on tanahair tercinta!!

Jane Sunshine:
Lydia: But..but..what about all that weight gained during/after pregnancy? But seriously, it is a matter of dragging my lazy a** to the gym.

Kak Teh: Yes, I was a boring if somewhat dreamy child. Still am. But I had friends okay, unlike that prefect in your class. Ppl liked me. Or so I think. Met a former classmate from Std 3 sometime back and she remembers how I bullied my way around. Eugghh..didnt realize that I was nasty! Also, age is number baby. Today 30, tommorow 16, next year 21 okay? Housewarming will probably be later part of October I think. Much to be done. We are fitting new bathroom, etc. You have to come as guest of honour-Ewok as well. I can count the friends I have in London with my fingers. And yes, I am really looking forward to the vigour of creative writing class come spring.

Blabs: Ah, when you are tackling the mountain load of work, just recollect all the unwinding in Dundee. That will put a smile to your face. Yes, it will be interesting to see what you have to say in the Meme but only if you can spare the time, okay? Also, stories of adventures and escapades in Dundee/London pls.


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