Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Splenderful Magic

Splendid + Wonderful= Splenderful

Isn’t it lovely how some words make you feel? Like sublime. When my tongue hits the palette for L, I already feel transported into a serene halo of benedictude. There are other such Divine words. Truth. Peace. Diaphanous. Rhythm. Dignity. Kismet. Luminous.

Simple, honest words. Joy. Shine. Kind. Song. Tree.
Rambunctious, tumbling words like Lachrymose. Cacophonic. Raggastani. Perpendicular. Gargantuan. Flummoxed.

Pure fun words like Hi-fi. Yoyo. Banana. Hip hop. Rotund.

Words that are truly classy, Regal. Glorious. Resplendent. Stentorian.

Sad, aching words like Melancholy. Sorrowful.

The magic of words. I string them together everyday to make sense of everything else.

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