Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dubai on Transit

On transit in Dubai. There is again the anticipation that always accompanies a journey, whether long or short. Long ones, especially leave me in deep contemplative stupors. What will this trip culminate in?

I cannot yet call London home but it is a city that has been kind to me. When I was desolate and alone, London embraced me warmly into her folds. So, I return. Fresh with images from July 7 etched in blood. To a London that is scarred.

Yet, the journey back to Malaysia also made me realize that Kuala Lumpur is ingrained deep within me. Too much perhaps. Kuala Lumpur watched me grow as young person finding her voice. Everywhere I go, I remember thoughts, ideas, successes, heartbreaks. This collective memory is merged in the sinew of my Kuala Lumpur youth.

London I think is witness to my more mature years. I am happy to turn 30 soon. I am more in control of my life, my wants and needs. There’s pain, hurt and all shades of brokenness but there is also conviction that the 30s are going to be the best years of my life.

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